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Kevin is a native of Arizona, born and raised in Phoenix and attended ASU at the WP Carey School of Business earning top honors there as part of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. Kevin is primarily based in Los Angeles but also has a presence in Atlanta, Georgia.


Kevin began his career in film first as a financier. Partially funding the films The Prince and the Pauper starring Dylan and Cole Sprouse and Adventures in Appletown also starring Dylan and Cole Sprouse with Victoria Justice. After that, Kevin used his musical talent to begin a career writing music for movies. Since then, Kevin has scored and had his music placed in films, tv shows, commercials and more.


While working on a film as a composer, and because of his background in project management, a director whom he’d worked with in the past had asked Kevin to produce his next project. From there, Kevin fell in love with producing and began his career as a producer. As a filmmaker and producer, Kevin has been involved with Film, TV, and Commercial content. Producing projects all over the world. From a career standpoint, Kevin was hired as Head of SProduction by two separate production companies where he worked tirelessly to transform and build the companies into viable production companies. Kevin continues to be in high demand because of his skill level, personality, and work ethic.